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I just got busy. I got a couple crits back on the vampire thing and I know what needs to be done to "fix" it. [ profile] queenoftheskies I know life has blown up on you, don't stress about it, seriously. Ok? And here are some more hugs {{{{{huggleglomps}}}}

I have another story idea thing I'm dubbing Roommates. I've got some written on it but it needs to marinate a bit more.

the main projects;

BP is sitting at the same place it was before. I know why, I know what I need to do. Believe it or not the thing holding me back is the need for a god damn pencil sharpener. The electric one busted and the little manual ones have vanished. I swear I have like ten of them but we can't friken find them. I need to do maps, figure out the war side of things and the campaigns that the characters are involved in. BP is, after all, about a soldier and his buddies.

The Island Fluff Stuff

Story 1 is progressing. I like what is happening with that story, I love the fact I am very confident in this story. I know I can do it justice. I am leaving the other stories alone until I finish the first story. I would like a proper title for it, but so far I am drawing a blank.
I went through the story and decided to adjust wordcount. I am not including all the miscel scenes and whatnot I wrote, there's something like 13k or so. Although those words helped me pull together who and what the characters are they weren't in the actual story if you know what I mean. So the count looks lower, but it is much more accurate.

Story 1
6836 / 30000

now to grab breakfast and decide if I am going to read or write some more.

What is on the agenda for you folks today?
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