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This is a writer ramble. Be aware it may not make sense.

Writing is done in a number of ways. For some reason some people have this idea that writers who are successful live in bubblebaths composing their tales with a martini in one hand and a caviar covered cracker in the other. Dictating it to a faceless assistant with a tape recorder...

...I will give my fellow authors a moment so they can giggle it out....

Done, better? Now for the bitter truth.

The reality of the matter is that writing is hard, often thankless work*. It is not common to write a first book and wind up with the notoriety of Rollings or Meyers. And even their seemingly overnight successes are actually the result of years of hard work. Whatever you feel about their books, they worked hard for the successes they garnered.

Writing is hard work.

Let me say that again. Writing is hard work. The attitude that some people have about writing being a lazy man's job or that it is easy is ignorant. Try writing for hours on end. Most can't. Try having an army of characters in your head all vying for valuable "screen time".

Try this. Try writing about your day. Capture the emotion. Make it interesting and make me want to read more. Make me sympathetic to you.

It is hard. Many people don't get it.

They don't understand how we can sit, day in and day out pounding away at the computer trying to elicit an emotional response from readers. Trying to remember the rules, trying to find our voice.

And then to send a story to someone to shred it and return it after putting heart and soul into it. After trying so hard only to discover... well shit I need to get this right, I need to do a better time showing that. The internet is full of stories of writers who couldn't take a crit. Who couldn't take a sour opinion of their "baby".

My darling friends are convinced that all I need is to sell one book and I will be living the high life. I appreciate the vote of confidence, however it isn't going to work that way. I know this.

I will write the best story I can. Then I will make it better.

*I almost put down like parenthood but I get tons of love and kisses from my munchkins so that isn't correct.

I am writing scenes backwards.
For instance in Bastard Prince three scenes that stand out are 1)The Torture Scene, 2)The Escape Scene 3)The rescue Scene.

I tried writing it 1, 2, 3. but it was sticking. instead I wrote it 4(I know 4 isn't listed, neither is 5), 5, 3, 1, 2.

When writing in the Island Novellas I have begun writing the end of the story, the HEA (yes [ profile] suelder they are HEA.) then backing up, scene by scene, figuring out what went where when and how. I am not writing it ABC more like QWDSCA....

I have also discovered myself writing with my eyes closed.

Joy of Joys! I can type well enough to type with my eyes closed and not have too many typos. (unless of course my fingers are positioned wrong from the outset, that then presents a slight dilemma of translating...)

I wrote a bit today, not as much as I was shooting for but I am tired and sore and it is late. I need to start linking things here. I need to remember to do that. But it is late.

I wrote about 1028 words on Bastard Prince Monday. Nothing today(tuesday). The torture scenes have been roughly written and I am mid rescue.
58427 / 160000

Did about 1325 on this Islander novella thingy. I am having lots of fun with these.

6819 / 30000


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